7k is running on autopilot all the time. Your email is "occasionally" read by the sole webmaster who could be out at sea up to 2 months.
Please help yourself first, if you want your problem solved fast:
I just signed up... where's my password???.
Some mailers get messed up and treat 7knots.com as a spammer! All message from 7knots is put into your garbage can. Check your bulk folder.
My website would like to have mutual links with 7knots.
Click at the "Links" at the top menu. Add your website all by yourself. Most appreciated if you add 7knots at your site for us.
I've been trying and trying... can't get in:
If you signed up at 7k with email address joeblack@yahoo.com, your username at 7k is NOT just joeblack. 7k takes your FULL email address as username. When the small window pops up asking for username and password, enter the whole thing joeblack@yahoo.com for username.
"This is stupid!" No, it's not. 7k has two more joeblacks: joeblack@aol.co.nz and joeblack@topmail.fr. Which joeblack are you? Only your full email address is unique in the world.

My Sailor ID 2755 used to work for username:
Not any more, and sorry about that. You have to type in your full email address now for username. The new MySQL interface implementation is hard to heck and most of all, I decide not to confuse our users on this already too confused matter.

I did enter joeblack@hotmail.com and it still didn't work:
Listen to what you've just said. Hello! Your email address at 7k is joeblack@yahoo.com. You want to use your Hotmail address, fine. You have to change it before you try to login with an alien address.
How come my joeblack@yahoo.com doesn't work any more?
Because you changed it from yahoo to hotmail! You only have one username at 7k at any time.
Sorry, I forgot my password...
Understood. There's a "Forgot Password?" link under the 7k cover page. Click on that and follow the instructions. As soon as you're able to get in again, in your sailor profile form, change your password to a real one that you can remember.
Sorry, I forgot my email address as well..
Search it under the Sailor folder from your name, address...etc, or you might as well sign up again.
Now email me if you're still frustrated: netadm at 7knots.com